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How many times can you start over?

Big chop numberrrrr?? So many of us have done the “big chop” at LEAST once. I recently decided that it was that time again. I cut off most of my heat-damaged hair about two weeks ago. My stylist and I decided on a style and executed it! Almost perfectly might I add. So what was the issue?! I wanted a wash-n-go style and because I’m such a slave to straight hair, the top of my hair was severely heat-damaged and I had to do too much manipulation to it for my liking. To me, a wash-n-go is just that! I never could wrap my head around the “process” of the what seemed to be easy style! If I’m washing and going, why do I need so much product? Why am I doing so much zhooshing of the hair? This was all too much, so, I took the shears to my head while home alone. I started small and two days later, I had less and less hair. 

Long story short: heat damage sucks, shorter is better than short and now I’m free! This is the best way to really get into my heat free challenge. It’s only hair, right? As India Arie said “I am not my hair!” I mean, I’m totally my hair but you get my drift! 

(The picture you see is the cut my stylist did prior to me chopping it off more! I loved it but it just wasn’t enough!)