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Salon Saturdaze

Hey all! 

Happy Salon Saturdaze! We are well into our #TessHeatFree12 no-heat challenge & I‘m doing well! I’ve have my braids in for exactly one month and I can’t believe it. If you know me personally, you know that styles & I usually have short-lived relationships. Over the last year, due to my Seborrheic dermatitis, my scalp is usually on fire after install and I call it quits in a short period of time. However, during this time I’ve been using the #TessOilBlend (dropper) whenever I feel an itch or see a dry patch and my scalp instantly feels and LOOKS better. 

I‘ve done one “Wash Day” at about two weeks and it definitely helped. (I posted the routine on my IG live & I’ll probably make a post soon with my wash day routines so stay tuned for that.) Anyhoo, I plan to keep these braids in as long as they continue to look good but not sure how long that’ll be. I have so many styles I want to do, that I’m itching to take these braids OUT! 

Well, I don’t want to bore you today but just wanted to stop in and share my hair success with you all! 

Wishing you a quick salon day,