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Who We Are



ColorFullXChange creator and owner, Tess Shimoyama, has been natural since 2006. She has tons of experience with natural hair. After several “big chops” of her own, the one in 2015 was something different. She has always had a passion for hair care and quality hair care products.

Not a stylist but a wife and a stay-at-home mom of two, Tess created something innovative for Philly’s natural hair scene.

ColorFullXChange was created after sitting on the hallway floor overwhelmed with the amount of products she had and didn’t use.

The thought of a product swap came to mind instantly but where? When? How? The summer of 2016, Tess hosted the first (natural) hair product Swap event in the tristate area, Manes & Mimosas. Participants come to exchange new or gently-used hair products as well as hair tips & tricks while being educated on hair care topics such as coloring, cutting/trimming, styling & proper maintenance, by a licensed hair stylist. Tess created partnerships with local vendors (boutiques & business) so event goers can support small businesses while enjoying some retail therapy. The event was successful and four events later, ColorFullXChange had become more than ever anticipated.

During this time of evolution for ColorFullXChange, Tess dealt with some unexpected issues with severe dry scalp during her pregnancy with her son. Her Dermatologist prescribed two medicated shampoos that were harsh and dried out her hair. So Tess took matters into her own hands to combat her diagnosis of seborrheic dermatitis aka adult cradle cap. After researching essential oils and comparing high-priced product lines, Tess’ Oil Blend™️ was born. 

Tess has big plans for ColorFullXChange so stayed tuned. In the meantime, make sure you’re following the IG and FB pages and you join the Facebook group for updates, articles and sales!